Combination ticket blokweekend + ball

€ 130,00 € 120,00

Between 1pm and 4pm we will warm up together and teach you a couple dances.

The Sunday morning after the ball we will have breakfast together and continue to dance!

For those of us who still have energy left after the gala breakfast, there are pancakes at Louis and Odile's house in the afternoon - for free!

Come to our blokweekend and ball and enjoy a nice little discount!

The blokweekend

At the blokweekend, you will get to spend three days practising two brand new dances together with other attendees. During this intense little bootcamp you will learn the Mazurka and the Pavane (LPR) from start to finish and by the end, you will be ready to dance them at our upcoming ball!

Although dance training is the main focus of the blokweekend, you will also get to spend three days in a beautiful location in the middle of the forest and the fens. You will get sevral breaks throughout the weekend, during which you can take a stroll through this beautiful piece of nature. Maybe you prefer to stay in and play games with your fellow dancers instead? It's all up to you!

We will take all our meals together (they are included in the ticket price), so that should provide you with more opportunities to socialise a little. What are you waiting for? The blokweekend awaits!

Date and loaction (blokweekend)


Het Buitencentrum Overasselt

int Walrickweg 9

6611 KG Overasselt


Date and Time

Friday April 19th through Sunday April 21st 2024.

Arrival on Friday starts at 3pm and we will leave on Sunday 4pm at the latest.

If you can't make it all three days, there are 2-day tickets available at a slightly discounted price.

The ball

After learning new dances at the blokweekend or during dance class, what better place to show off your skills than at the annual LPR Ball? Join us for an unforgettable night of dance and fun!

Put on your dancing shoes, slip into your best dress or suit (court dancing costumes always welcome, but not required!) and get ready to dance the night away!

This year's theme is Royal Hovels. The King of Précieusia is in need of a new home. Can you help him design one?

Warm-up, gala breakfast and pancakes


Before the ball starts, you can come and practise a few dances with us. We will be teaching a few of them, including most of the dances on this year's dance card.

Gala breakfast

For those who simply cannot get enough, the day after the ball proper, there is the gala breakfast. We will dance anything we want to, including dances from other associations while we have "breakfast". If we're honest about it though, it's really more of a brunch; late nights, early mornings and all that...


We're not sure why, but some people never seem to get tired during the ball weekend. If you happen to survive to this point, you are welcome to enjoy some home-made pancakes with us. More details about this afternoon as well as the address will be sent to you in an email as we approach the ball weekend.

Date and location (ball)

Saturday June 8th 2024


Partycentrum Verploegen

Woeziksestraat 100

6604 CM Wijchen


1pm - 4pm: warm-up and dance practice

4pm - 7pm: dinner (not provided)

7:30pm - 12am: the ball


Sunday June 9th 2024


The breakfast will be held in the Goffertpark in Nijmegen, weather permitting. More details about it and the pancakes will be sent in an email in the weeks before the ball takes place.


11am or so: kick-off breakfast

2pm or so: moving to the pancake location ;)

What's included?

In the blokweekend ticket:

  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), which are vegetarian by default*
  • A single (bunk)bed, though you will have to bring some sheets for it yourself.
  • Plenty of dancing
  • Lot's of fun and games to play!

*If you have any dietary needs beyond that, you can let us know in the registration form.


In the ball ticket:

  • Access to the ball (7:30pm - 12am)
  • A few fried snacks
  • Your first drink of the evening

Ticket options

For the blokweekend:

You can buy either a 3-day ticket, giving you access to the entire blokweekend (Friday through Sunday) or you can buy a 2-day ticket for Saturday and either Friday or Sunday.

The prices for these tickets are the same, even if you choose not to spend the night or take your meals with us.


For the ball:

The ball ticket without any extras provides access to the ball only.

You can add on tickets for the warm-up, gala breakfast and pancakes if you wish, but these are all optional.