Have you always wanted to dance like a gentleman or a lady from yesteryear? You can, by booking a workshop with Les Précieuses Ridicules! We have suitable dances for any group, regardless of age and experience. The workshop can be fully designed according to your wishes. Say you would like to dance with a big group and encounter everyone during the dance: then regency dances are the way to go. These are very social dances and are ideal to do in the open air. For a smaller group, a dance with four or fewer pairs and short figures is more suitable, such as the Quadrille des Lanciers. Contact us to inquire about the possibilities!

Practical information

Our dancers can perform in costume and can dance on all sorts of substrates, both indoors and outdoors. However, in order to keep our costumes in a presentable state a performance outside is only possible in good weather or under a canopy.

To be able to make our performances shine, we need sufficiant space to dance. How large such a space should be varies per performance and depends on the number of dancers we send, but in general we require at least 4x4 metres.

We always bring our own music with us, that can be played from our smartphone or laptop. If you choose to use your own audio set-up, it should be able to play music over an audio connection (mini jack) and/or a BlueTooth connection. We can also bring our own set-up with us; you can choose between a full set-up with two large, standing speakers for bigger rooms or a cordless BlueTooth speaker for smaller parties or places without electrical sockets nearby.

Lastly, we need a space to get dressed. There should be a toilet and running water nearby. We also ask that you provide something to drink for our dancers. Water, coffee and tea will always do the trick, but we also enjoy some soda pop. We do not drink alcohol while working for you.