Large ball gowns rustle across the floor and snow-white dress shirts are freshly pressed. All the ladies and gentlemen are dressed to the nines as they twirl through the ballroom together, an elegant smile on every face.

For over 75 years, court dance association Les Précieuses Ridicules have been dancing as if the heyday of the French, English and Viennese courts had never come to an end. During the weekly dance classes our members all imagine themselves to be real ladies and gentlemen of noble birth… only in plain ol’ bluejeans ;)

Dance classes

Every Wednesday evening we teach court dancing classes to students and people in a student-like age range. Why don’t you drop in for a free trial some time? We’d love to see you there ;)

Demos & workshops

Besides full courses, we also offer workshops and dance demonstrations. Court dancing is a unique way to provide your guests with a good time, whatever event you may be organising.


As a member, you get to join a whole host of different committees to enrich your experience with us. Anything from sewing to journalism and dance studies to party planning – there is something for everyone. Joining a committee is also a great way to get to know your fellow members and make new friends who share your (new) hobby. What will you choose to explore?

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