Welcome to the nineteenth century! Ladies are wearing long dresses with wide skirts of a shimmering fabric that move elegantly while they dance. Their one hand is holding a fan and their other is draped on the arm of their gentlemen, who are wearing a snazzy suit. In the background piano and harpsichord music is playing.

Would you like to spend two hours a week in the nineteenth century? Would you like to wear beautiful costumes? And would you like to dance like Keira Knightley in Pride and Prejudice? Then join us for a dance soon!

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Every week Court Dancing Group Les Précieuses Ridicules meets up on Wednesday at 19.30 to learn unique historical dances. If you’re not sure court dancing is your thing, you can send a message for a free trial lesson.
Signing up for the trial lessons can be done via email (les.precieuses.ridicules@gmail.com).

All the best and we hope to see you soon!

Demos & workshops

Apart from our weekly dancing lessons, our group also does performances and workshops. Click here for more information!


Questions about a trial lesson? Interested in our group? Want to book a show or workshop? Curious how we last so long in those corsets? For all questions you can contact us.

Click here for our contact information!